Atlanta Doesn’t Need a New Stadium

Georgia Dome Aerial View

The proposed new stadium for the Falcons in Atlanta with its very high cost removable roof is something we don’t need. 

Mainly, we citizens should not be required to pay for any part of its very high cost.

No NFL stadium in the country has better seating and viewing  of a football game than the Georgia Dome with its very cost  effective and advanced roof design and construction which also lets in no-glare sunlight for day games.  Nearby parking is very convenient compared to most stadiums and there is covered  access from much of the parking to the stadium.

The Georgia Dome is also a major asset as a closely connected  part of the Georgia World Congress Center. The sites for the  proposed new stadium will not be nearly so convenient in location  for connecting with the World Congress Center.

Georgia Dome Street View

Stadiums with open-and-close roofs have serious problems.   Besides their ridiculous costs, when the roof is open on a sunny day, instead of a nice open feeling like Sanford Stadium has at  the University of Georgia (which my colleagues and I designed)  open-close roof stadiums have serious glare and light contrast  problems that not only make it less than pleasant for the  viewers in the stands, but hurts the quality of TV coverage.

I will feel rather suspicious if any local or state official supports the public paying for any part of the proposed new stadium.

During my career I have been involved in the planning and design of over 100 sports facilities throughout the United States and abroad, the first such project being the original Atlanta and Fulton County Stadium, built for the Braves move to Atlanta in 1965. More recently, in my present firm we were consultants to the French government for the World Cup Stadium, outside of Paris.

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